Dr. Makoto Niwa (Working at a pharmaceutical companies)
Research Topics:System dynamics study on the effectiveness and penetration of information communication technology needed under the new infectious disease epidemic
brief personal recordMar 1993 Bachelor of Agriculture, RU11 University
Mar 1993 Completed Master's program, Graduate School of Agriculture, RU11 University
Apr 2020 Admission to the Doctoral Program, Graduate School of Technology Management, Ritsumeikan University
Even promising technologies may not be effective at first, and a lack of confidence in their effectiveness may lead to a situation in which they do not penetrate the market. For example, it is a common expectation that remote information transmission can compensate for the difficulty in conducting face-to-face activities due to the new coronavirus infection. However, the reality is that some of these technologies have not penetrated the market, and there appear to be differences among countries and regions. Therefore, we are conducting a simulation study using a structural model of the factors that promote introducing such new technologies and are examining what would facilitate their penetration. In our research, we are also modeling the social impact of the spread of novel coronavirus infection.
Message to those considering higher education
Each of us is engaged in research based on our own strengths and interests, and the laboratory as a whole conducts a wide range of research. One suggestion is to clarify what you want to research and work on it.
Reasons for choosing Kodama Lab
I chose Kodama Lab because I wanted to study technology management, mainly in healthcare. I am interested in technology and its position in society since I have been in charge of developing evaluation technologies for pharmaceuticals at a pharmaceutical company. Therefore, I wanted to think about how to make technology useful to society while placing the healthcare field, where I have some intuition from my working experience, as a research target area.