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For those who seek for a PhD

Kodama Laboratory is looking for graduate students (master's course, doctoral course). Mainly, the study deals with issues that are becoming more prominent in the healthcare setting. Through research and human resource development, we aim to contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry by overcoming various issues in the field as well as improving individual skills. Especially for those who belong to a pharmaceutical company and want to get a PhD degree, it is not as challenging as graduate school where you have to do full-time research, so it is possible to get a PhD while working. You can participate in the progress meeting and get to know the atmosphere of a seminar, so we look forward to hearing from you.

Do you have any problems like this?
  • Wanting to get a master’s/ doctoral degree while balancing work and research
  • Wanting to minimize the impact on normal work on weekdays
  • Wanting to gain a wide range of experience and acquire comprehensive research capabilities
  • Wanting to have a place for researchers to exchange opinions
  • Wanting to aim to create a new business
  • Wanting to acquire the latest expertise and techniques
At Kodama Lab, you can aim for a PhD

Although it may be necessary to obtain compulsory lectures and credits to obtain a doctoral degree, it is quite difficult for working students to attend university during the day on weekdays. It can also be difficult if the place to report seminars and research progress in the laboratory is conducted only on-site. In that respect, Kodama Laboratory mainly conducts research activities, so even students who are currently working can learn the same content as a regular doctoral course and proceed with their research. In addition, the curriculum required to earn credits is also considered for working students, and lectures are prepared during weekends and summer vacation, so it is possible to attend school without worrying about the work on weekdays.

Attractive point of Kodama Laboratory

Created in March 2022

Kodama Laboratory has a background in which the supervisor is a PhD in pharmacy and is familiar with the industry. Also, the greatest attractive point is being able to research management technology with the theme of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to research on the healthcare industry, we also conduct research on digital transformation utilizing wearable devices, mobile health, etc. We provide opportunity to obtain a wide range of guidance familiar with quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis. Many of the laboratory members belong to companies related to healthcare and already have specialized knowledge in each field, and the laboratory members are actively exchanging opinions. There are also joint research projects with other universities and practical research projects with companies, which makes it a very meaningful place for those who are interested in innovation and healthcare to develop their knowledge and human networks.

Conduct practical research and gain extensive experience

At Kodama Laboratory, you can explore research papers and books in your field of interest, submit your research results to journals, and make oral presentations at international conferences. Depending on your research progress, you can also apply for a patent for research themes. In this Lab, it is possible to conduct empirical research since we are actively engaged in social implementation not only within the university, but also actively conducting joint research with companies.

Able to conduct research while continuing your work

Research activities are mainly done online. Therefore, you can use your free time in your work or personal life to proceed with your research on your own schedule. Lectures are also available on weekends, hence students who are currently working can earn the required credits without affecting their work on weekdays.

Building a human network

Students, or person who works at a corporation, Japanese students, international students, and people with various backgrounds are advancing their research themes. While xchanging opinions with laboratory members we also have joint research with other universities and practical research projects with actual companies, so we can build a wide range of human networks.

Research Introduction
Voices of Graduates and Current Students
Dr. Tomohiro Makino(Working at a pharmaceutical company)
Research theme: Research on business models suitable for precision therapy and precision medicine
Obtained PhD in March 2019 (early acquisition 2.5 years)

Not only me, but people from various industries are working hard every day to find solutions to problems in different fields. If the knowledge acquired by solving various problems faced through corporate activities is perceived as a practical learning, research at Kodama Laboratory can be seen to be a process of systematically sublimating them into academics and theories. Through learning at Kodama Lab, you can expect to acquire the ability to analyze the causal relationships of various events from a broader perspective and the ability to think about them in practice at the same time.

Dr. Fumio Teramae (Working at a pharmaceutical company)
Research theme: Research on global strategy in the pharmaceutical industry (from the perspective of R & D activities)
Obtained PhD in March 2021 (early acquisition 2 years)

Through conducting research, you will be able to learn the process of identifying issues by reviewing previous research, deriving hypotheses and propositions, analyzing data and considering results, and sublimating into academics and theories. I was a graduate student while working at a corporation, but because lectures were also prepared on weekends, I was able to acquire the necessary credits without affecting my work on weekdays. I also gained experience in writing academic papers, peer-reviewing, and presented at international conferences.

Dr. Arisa Djurian (Working at a pharmaceutical company)
Research theme: Health economics research on open innovation in anticancer drug development
Obtained PhD in March 2022

At Kodama Laboratory, learning a series of research activities, that is, setting research objectives from research motives, embodying issues by reviewing previous research (setting research questions), deriving hypotheses, analyzing data and considering results. I believe that you will be able to learn the process of developing academic and practical contributions, proposing new concepts. As a graduate student while working at a corporation, I was looking for a graduate school that could minimize the impact on my regular work on weekdays, but this graduate school had lectures for weekends and consecutive holidays, so I was able to get the required credits without any problems.

Dr. Makoto Niwa (Working at a pharmaceutical companies)
Research theme: System dynamics study on the effectiveness and penetration of information communication technology needed under the new infectious disease epidemic

From the background of being in charge of drug evaluation technology development at a pharmaceutical company, I wanted to learn technology management in the main field of healthcare. Since it is difficult to take time on weekdays, I mainly devote weekends to my studies. The research here is based on each person’s strengths and interests, and the laboratory as a whole is conducting a wide range of research. I think it’s a good idea to clarify what you want to study and work on it.

Jianfei CAO
Research theme: Research on new technology acceptance of mobile health

Kodama Lab is for people from both backgrounds in science and humanities. Also, Japanese and foreigners, students and people who are currently working are joining the seminar. This lab is suitable especially for those who are interested in innovation and health care, it is the best place to exchange experience and skills, because there are many people who are currently works at a large company related to health care or already have expertise in the field.

I want to pursue a PhD, but can I balance work and research?

Since research activities are completed almost online. Therefore, you can use your free time in your work or personal life to proceed with your research on your own schedule. You don’t need to go to university, so even if you live far away from the campus, you can pursue for a PhD.

I’m worried if I can proceed my research at home alone.

You can always discuss and discuss your research with Professor Kodama and students using communication tools such as email, Slack, and Zoom. At Kodama Laboratory, we hold general meetings, individual and research group meetings, study sessions, and progress report meetings online, so you can proceed your research at home.

I live far away from the University, do I need to go to the Campus?

Meetings and research reports are held online, so you do not need to go to school.

What is your schedule for work, school, and private life?

For students who are currently working, I think the main research time will be on weekday nights or weekends. For light research, reading and writing, you can also make effective use of the gap time during the day.

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