Jianfei CAO
Research Topics:Research on new technology acceptance of mobile health
brief personal record2014-2018 Graduated from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, School of International Management
2018-2020 Graduate School of Technology Management, Ritsumeikan University, Master's Program
2020-Present Doctoral student, Graduate School of Technology Management, Ritsumeikan University
Mobile health (mHealth) is a technology to share information obtained through smartphones and wearable devices with cloud servers and medical institutions to monitor consumers and maintain their health status. Based on my most recent research, a mainstream research trend for mobile health in the future is to focus on mental health. In recent years, the high suicide rate due to depression has become a severe social problem in Japan, especially among young people. It is causing severe economic losses in the country. Since patients with major depression are usually said to have lower health status than the general population, detecting changes in physical information of depressed patients through mHealth can provide reference information to medical professionals and enable real-time tracking of patients. Thus, mHealth is expected to be a technology that can solve serious social problems in the mental health domain. However, for mHealth to create value in this area, it is necessary to consider technological innovation and the impact of regulations and differences in social and cultural environments in different regions. Therefore, I aim to contribute to the sound development and utilization of mHealth by examining beneficial social systems in my doctoral program.
Message to those considering higher education
Kodama Lab is for people from both backgrounds in science and humanities. Also, Japanese and foreigners, students and people who are currently working are joining the seminar. This lab is suitable especially for those who are interested in innovation and health care, it is the best place to exchange experience and skills, because there are many people who are currently works at a large company related to health care or already have expertise in the field.