Theoretical and practical research on the life cycle and innovation of R&D-type Enterprises

In recent years, smartphones, smartwatches, and smartwears have become commonplace, and information on individual behavior is rapidly being shared. Our research aims to utilize this information to create new indicators of personal labor productivity, safety, and quality of life (QOL). We are conducting the research on these new indicators, which can be adapted to the following individual and specific social problems.

  • The HRM(Human Resource Management) research to improve productivity, safety, and security for people working at construction sites, waste disposal facilities, etc., in the construction industry.
  • Reflect behavior information from smart devices in the QOL for calculating QALY (Quality-adjusted life year) which is one of the techniques for economically evaluating the cost-effectiveness of medical practice.
  • Quantifying the human well-being (happiness state and health state) by sensors such as smart devices.