Dr. Arisa Djurian (Working at a pharmaceutical company)
Obtained PhD in March 2022
Research Topics:Health economics research on open innovation in anticancer drug development
brief personal recordMar 2008 Completed Master's program, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, RU11 University (MSc)
Apr 2019 E Admission to the Doctoral program, Graduate School of Technology Management, Ritsumeikan University
Mar 2022 Completed Doctoral program, Graduate School of Technology Management, Ritsumeikan University (PhD)
I am interested in the effects of inter-organizational alliances in pharmaceutical R&D and have focused my research on the development of anticancer drugs. In particular, I focused on quantitative analysis to determine whether inter-organizational collaborations in drug R&D are effective in achieving success in drug R&D, i.e., obtaining drug approval and product sales and if so, what characteristics are associated with such effectiveness.
Message to those considering higher education
In the Ph.D. course, you will be able to learn a series of research activities, i.e., the process from the motivation for research, setting research objectives, formulating research questions by reviewing previous research, formulating hypotheses, analyzing data and discussing results, developing academic and practical contributions, proposing new concepts, and so on. As a working graduate student, I was looking for a graduate school that would minimize the impact on my regular weekday work. This graduate school offered lectures on weekends and holidays so that I could obtain the necessary credits without any problems.
Impressions of a Ph.D. in Kodama Lab
The most attractive point of Kodama Lab is that I can conduct management technology research on the theme of the pharmaceutical industry since my supervisor is a Ph.D. of pharmacy. In addition, the laboratory conducts research not only on the healthcare industry but also on digital transformation utilizing wearable devices, mobile health, etc.. It has the opportunity to obtain a wide range of guidance with expertise in quantitative and qualitative analysis. The lab also actively collaborates with the Tokyo Institute of Technology's Technology Management Lab, other universities, and companies, which has been beneficial from the perspective of developing knowledge and networking.
Reasons for choosing Kodama Lab
I chose the Ph.D. course because it would fulfill my academic ambition to study and research technology management and provide me with opportunities to exchange ideas with other laboratory members from the same and different industries. The pharmaceutical industry is changing unmet needs and therapeutic technologies, forcing regulatory agencies to shift regulations and companies to shift R&D and business strategies. After 15 years of working in R&D for pharmaceutical companies undergoing continuous change, I could make a more significant contribution to global health by gaining systematic knowledge and insight into industry structure and business strategy while advancing the development pipeline as a company employee.
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