Dr. Nobuki Hashiguchi
Obtained PhD in March 2021 (early acquisition 2 years)
Research Topics:A Survey on the Effects of Psychological Factors on Perceptions of Productivity in Construction Sites in Japan by Worker Age
brief personal recordMar 1995 Completed Master's program, Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Kunitachi University
Mar 2019 Completed Master's program, Graduate School of Technology Management, Ritsumeikan University
Apr 2019 Admission to the Doctoral program, Graduate School of Technology Management, Ritsumeikan University
Mar. 2021 Completed Doctoral program, Graduate School of Technology Management, Ritsumeikan University (PhD)
I am studying the quantification of health risks due to productivity awareness and workload among workers of different age groups due to psychological and physical factors of workers. This research developed a system to measure biometric information by attaching a wireless device to a wearable device equipped with a heart rate sensor and a 3-axis accelerometer. Using this system, we devised a model that can efficiently estimate health risks from workers' physical and behavioral information and the heat index of the working environment. In practical terms, this research can visualize labor in labor management.
Message to those considering higher education
Through research, I learned how to formulate hypotheses and propositions by reviewing previous research, consider data analysis quantitatively, make academic and practical connections, and approach research as a contribution to society. The curriculum is designed for working graduate students, with lectures offered on weekends and during the summer vacation so that students can study without affecting their work on weekdays. Students will be able to read research papers and books in their field of interest, submit their research results to research journals, and give oral presentations at international conferences. Depending on the progress of your research, you may be able to apply for a patent on your research theme.
Impressions of a Ph.D. in Kodama Lab
Kodama Lab is engaged in a wide range of research themes centered on innovation management in the healthcare field, including research on health management methods using IoT device systems and mHealth, entrepreneurship research, and modeling research focusing on quantitative analysis. Through the laboratory seminars, I have been able to obtain various information and have had the opportunity to get close to many researchers. The frequent joint research with MOT at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and practical research projects with actual companies have expanded my network.