Dr. Fumio Teramae (Working at a pharmaceutical company)
Obtained PhD in March 2021 (early acquisition 2 years)
Research Topics:Research on global strategy in the pharmaceutical industry (from the perspective of R & D activities)
brief personal recordMarch 1998 Completed the master's program at the Graduate School of Engineering, Private University (MSc)
March 2016 Completed Master's Program (MBA), Graduate School of Management, Private University
April 2019 Admission to the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Technology and Management, Ritsumeikan University
March 2021 Completed the doctoral program (PhD)
We studied the effects of global market expansion and global strategic transactions on the sustainable growth of pharmaceutical firms in terms of global integration and local fit. While theoretical studies on international integration and local fit have made considerable progress, empirical studies have been less advanced. In particular, there have not been many empirical studies specific to pharmaceutical companies. In addition, this study delved not only at the firm level but also at the product level.
Message to those considering higher education
Through conducting research, you will be able to learn the process of identifying issues by reviewing previous research, deriving hypotheses and propositions, analyzing data and considering results, and sublimating into academics and theories. I was a graduate student while working at a corporation, but because lectures were also prepared on weekends, I was able to acquire the necessary credits without affecting my work on weekdays. I also gained experience in writing academic papers, peer-reviewing, and presented at international conferences.
Impressions of a Ph.D. in Kodama Lab
Kodama Lab handles a wide range of research themes, including research on innovation management in the healthcare field, research related to digital transformation, and research on modeling, so I was able to come into contact with a variety of information through the seminars. The seminar also allowed me to broaden my network through active collaborations with other universities and companies.
Reasons for choosing Kodama Lab
I have been working for a foreign pharmaceutical company for about 20 years. I have been involved in portfolio management of pharmaceuticals, planning and execution of clinical development of medicines, and post-marketing drug development (medical affairs) at the Japan office, and I studied business administration with a focus on case studies during my MBA. Still, I wanted to go deeper, so I chose the Ph.D. course, which allowed me to study and research technology management.