Itsuki Kageyama
Research Topics:Research on Health and Safety Management of Workers with Wearable Devices and IoT Devices
brief personal recordApril 2010 Admission to the Master's program, Graduate School of Engineering, National University of Japan
Mar. 2012 Graduated from Graduate School of National University with Master's Degree (Engineering)
I am researching the health and safety management of workers using wearable devices and IoT devices. With promotion on work style reforms, everyone is working to work in good health and improve their QOL. However, it is difficult to always keep an eye on one’s own physical and mental health. There are many cases where the body and mind are being eroded without the worker even being aware of it. In addition, there are cases in which insufficient attention is paid to the dangers that may arise from the working environment. For example, people who work outdoors under the scorching sun are at high risk of heatstroke, and workers who handle chemicals, heavy machinery, and processing equipment are always at risk. Our goal is to develop a system that can monitor the physical and mental conditions in real-time, even the workers themselves are unaware of (and cannot verbalize or quantify), and alert them to the dangers in their work environment. Currently, we are only targeting workers in specific occupations, but in the future, we would like to create a system that can be adapted to any worker in any occupation.
Message to those considering higher education
People from various backgrounds bring their research themes to the Kodama Laboratory (probably due to the wide range of research areas covered by the laboratory (Dr. Kodama)). If you are interested in entering the Kodama Laboratory and are concerned about whether your theme or what you want to do is applicable, contacting Dr. Kodama in advance would be good.
Attraction of Kodama Lab
Perhaps because of Professor Kodama's personality, the laboratory is a very pleasant place. I think that new ideas and collaborations, such as joint research, will be born because studying in such a cheerful place where anyone can freely speak and exchange information.